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Employment Contracts

Employment Contract/Severance Agreements
Has Your Employer Breached Your Employment Contract?
Enforcing New York City and New Jersey Employment Contracts

If your employer has breached your employment contract, such as by firing you before the end of a term-of-years contract, failing to pay your agreed-upon salary, or denying other benefits set forth in your employment agreement, then you may have a legal claim. This includes not only written employment contracts, but also oral employment agreements.

In some instances, a company’s employee handbook or other written or verbal company policy can create a contractual right. Our employment lawyers have the expertise to assess whether your employment contract has been violated, and to pursue your legal rights.

Our employment law attorneys represent employees and individuals who have a dispute or need legal advice relating to their employment contracts. For more information about your rights under your employment contract, contact us online or call us.

Whether you have just been offered a job or are considering leaving one, our attorneys can help you understand your rights and obligations under your employment contract, offer letter, or employment agreement. We will review your contract, explain the key terms and help identify problematic provisions that should be modified or removed from the agreement. For example, we can advise you of the risks of entering into a non-compete agreement, or help negotiate a better severance agreement. We are experienced at negotiating more favorable terms, clarifing unclear contract provisions, and removing problematic terms from your employment agreement.

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