Gender Discrimination

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When employers treat people differently because of their gender, they are violating the law. If you face workplace harassment or discrimination based on your gender, our employment law attorneys can help. To consult with one of our experienced lawyers about your case, contact us online or call us.

Our New Jersey employment attorneys have helped shape the law, and have improved workplace conditions through work on multiple precedent-setting cases. We have accomplished this through aggressive, skilled and persistent advocacy for our clients' rights. We believe all employees have a right to fair treatment. In the fight against discrimination, we represent:

Wide-Ranging Effects of Gender Discrimination

Sometimes gender discrimination results in a so-called "glass ceiling" for women. Women find it difficult to rise above a certain level of influence, responsibility or compensation, despite their skill, experience and qualifications.

Often, this discrimination is not rooted in outright sexism. Instead, it can be the subtle, unconscious tendency that most people have to favore individuals who are similar to themselves.

Gender Discrimination Works in Both Directions!

In most cases, gender discrimination occurs when someone in power expresses a preference for members of his or her own gender. Historically, men have discriminated against women. While it is much less common, in some situations women discriminate against men.

In addition, men can discriminate against other men, and women can discriminate against other women. It does not matter who is discriminating against whom: if the discrimination is based upon gender it is illegal!

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