Non-Compete Agreements

Understanding What You Sign: Non-compete AgreementsNon-Compete Agreements and Lawsuits in New York and New Jersey

In theory, non-compete agreements are supposed to be a tool employers use to prevent themselves from training their own competition. In practice, they are often manipulative, place an unfair burden on employees, and make it difficult or even impossible for you to earn a living.

If you have been sued or are being threatened with a lawsuit relating to a non-compete agreement, if you want to know whether your non-compete agreement prevents you from accepting a job offer, or if you are considering signing an employment contract or separate agreement that contains a non-compete agreement, one of our employment law attorneys can help. Contact us online or call us to schedule a consultation.

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Negotiating and Reviewing Non-Compete Agreements

Any contract with a non-competition agreement asks you to sign away rights and limit your employment options in the future. Before you sign an employment contract, employee handbook or other document that includes a non-compete agreement, you should be sure that you have been fully advised of your rights.

Non-compete agreements are often written too broadly. For example, they may prohibit you from working in your field for an unreasonably long time, or cover too wide a geographic area. We can advise you of the risks of signing a non-compete agreement, or work with you try to develop a proposal for language that protects both you and your future employer.

Avoiding and Defending Non-Compete Agreement Lawsuits

If you have already signed a non-compete agreement and want to know your obligations under it, we are prepared to help you. Likewise, if you have been sued for allegedly violating a non-compete agreement, we are experienced at defending individuals in non-compete lawsuits.

New York and New Jersey courts generally disfavor overly broad non-compete agreements, and with a good employment lawyer it is possible to successfully fight many non-competition agreement cases.

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