Pregnancy Discrimination

Did Your Pregnancy Negatively Affect Your Job?

Fighting Workplace Pregnancy Discrimination in New Jersey and New York

Pregnancy is a natural biological function which is essential to the continuation of the human race. Therefore, it should not cost a woman her job. If you lost your job, experienced harassment or retaliation, or faced other forms of discrimination because of your pregnancy, our employment lawyers can help.

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Pregnancy discrimination does not exist in a legal vacuum. In fact, it can involve several different legal infractions on the part of the employer, including:

An Employer's Financial Burden and Legal Responsibility

Let’s face the facts: employers lose money by paying women on maternity leave. But if no employer was willing to accept this financial burden, working women could not afford to bear children. Since it is vital to our society that women bear children, laws have been passed to make sure they are not punished for it.

Pregnancy Discrimination Takes Many Forms

You do not need to have lost your job to have a valid pregnancy discrimination claim. Sometimes an employer can discriminate in other ways, such as by harassing a pregnant woman, putting her on a less desirable shift, or assigning her less desirable work.

In other situations, an employer may assume a pregnant woman is simply unable to handle her usual tasks. So, while she might keep her job title and not experience any decrease in pay, a pregnant woman may find she has been stripped of her primary job responsibilities. Even well-intentioned employers can do this if they see it as a way of "helping."

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