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Severance Agreements Lawyer in New Jersey and New YorkHow to Negotiate a Better Severance Agreement Package

An employer is not required to have a severance pay policy, but your employment contract or company policy may define severance benefits that your company will provide to you. If you have been fired, laid off or are the victim of downsizing, you may be entitled to severance pay under your company's severance policy or practice, or under your individual employment contract.

We may be able to increase the amount of money you receive, or add benefits such as outplacement services, extended medical benefits or other insurance, or a better job reference to help you find another job.

Contact our employment law specialists to see if we can help. If you have lost your job we may be able to:

  • Obtain a severance offer
  • Review the severance package you have been offered
  • Negotiate a better severance package for you
Severance Negotiations and Reviews

Even if your employer does not have a severance plan, it still may be possible for our employment lawyers to negotiate severance pay for you. If you have already been offered severance pay, an employment law attorney at our firm might be able to improve the offer, or modify its terms.

Our employment lawyers are experienced at reviewing severance agreements to help protect your rights and interests. We can explain the terms of your severance offer, identify unreasonable, unfair or unenforceable provisions, and try to convince your company to correct, improve or modify them.

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