Shareholder / Partnerships Disputes

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Disputes between business partners, or shareholders in closely held companies involving financial, succession, governance, and other business concerns can jeopardize hard-earned success for everyone. At our employment law offices in New York and New Jersey, our business disputes lawyers help clients find effective solutions to meet their business goals and objectives.

Whether you are a shareholder or a partner in a small company, our firm's skilled business disputes lawyers offer proven advice and representation to help ensure your rights and interests are protected. Contact us to discuss your partnership or shareholder conflict.

Oppressed Shareholder Protection in New York and New Jersey

While closely held corporations offer outstanding opportunities for their shareholders, those with controlling interests can take advantage of the minority shareholders. In both New York and New Jersey, the law protects an oppressed shareholder from abuse and oppression by majority shareholders, including when the company refuses to pay a minority shareholder his or her fair share of the company's profits.

Our firm understands the protections offered under these laws and the remedies they potentially, such as the right to review the corporate books and records, money damages, or a forced buy-out of an oppressed stockholder's stock at its fair market value. Our lawyers also help minority shareholders who have been denied continued employment and fair wages that are part of their reasonable expectations as shareholders in a closely held corporation.

Partnership Disputes

Our employment lawyers provide the guidance you need to help resolve shareholder and partnership disputes.

Contact our New Jersey or New York law offices to schedule a confidential consultation to discuss your partnership or shareholder dispute.

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